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Welcome to Vertec SA

Vertec SA is working together with Hologic to bring the best in breast care to South Africa.

Hologic created the world’s leading full field digital mammography system, the Dimensions. Now the market leader in South Africa, Dimensions was the first in the world to offer breast tomosynthesis. To complement their mammography imaging, Hologic have designed the world’s most advanced biopsy systems, the Affirm stereo biopsy accessory with tomosynthesis guided breast biopsy and the stand alone Affirm prone biopsy table.

The range is complemented by the Brevera breast biopsy and excision system with real time specimen collection and imaging for stereotactic 2D & 3D biopsy and ATEC vacuum assisted biopsy systems for x-ray, MRI or ultrasound guidance. Also available are innovative Specimen Radiography systems. The Trident HD is complemented with the full Faxitron product range, from the coreVision through to the PathVision, allowing fast and easy diagnosis of biopsy samples during the biopsy procedure in Radiology, in the operating room or in Pathology, to make sure the lesion is completely removed.

To meet the challenges of osteoporosis and other skeletal health issues, Hologic, the inventors of DXA, also offer the innovative Horizon scanner - probably the best in its class worldwide - and the Fluoroscan FD mini C-arm for surgical intervention of the hand and foot.

Cindy McCabe, Director, Vertec SA

Key Facts

  • Vertec Scientific’s HQ is in Silchester, UK
  • It is the UK’s leading distributor of a wide portfolio of products including X-ray and ultrasound imaging, radiotherapy systems and consumables.
  • Among the companies represented are: Hologic Inc., C-RAD, Terason, Klarity, Scanflex and P and R Medical.
  • Established in 2006, VertecSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertec Scientific.
  • VertecSA brings to the South African market the entire range of Hologic’s breast products including the Dimensions mammography system, the SA market leader.
  • The two companies share the same philosophy: Customer service first.

Vertec SA offer: